My Unreal Engine Notes
Check out my collection of notes from my time using Unreal Engine as a lead programmer on Returnal and an Epic Games evangelist.

Highly recommend it as it contains over 200 tips and best practices along with in-depth pages on debugging memory leaks, the garbage collector, soft & weak pointers and more.
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Lessons Learned from a Year of UE4 AAA Development
Join Ari as he recounts the pitfalls, tips and tricks learned during Housemarque's first year of using Unreal Engine 4 for their biggest game yet.
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Unreal Engine 5: A Closer Look
Nanite! Lumen! And there’s so much more. Join Unreal Engine evangelist Ari Arnbjörnsson as he showcases many of Unreal Engine 5’s new features.
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Crashing With Style in Unreal Engine
A build without symbols is a doomed build. A game without crash reporting will stay broken. Join Ari as he tries to break the record of live crashes in a single presentation to teach you how to get the most out of your Unreal game crashes.
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The Many Industries of Unreal Engine
Join Ari as he dives into the different industries using Unreal Engine and how knowing the tech can help you advance your career.
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From Zero to Lead
14 years is a long time to make mistakes. Ari goes over his lessons learned in various leadership roles throughout his career.
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UE4 Modules
Modules are the foundational building blocks of Unreal Engine and everyone using C++ should be using them, but much about them is shrouded in mystery. Come with me as I expose everything about building and using Modules along with relevant topics like Precompiled Headers, Include What You Use, Module Logging and more!
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Unreal Engine in 2021: MetaHumans, Quixel, and Beyond
What's beyond the engine? Find out as we explore the rest of the Epic Games ecosystem. Join Ari Arnbjörnsson for a guided tour of Epic Online Services, Quixel Megascans, MetaHuman Creator, and RAD Games tools, and see how they might apply to your own workflow.
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Delivering Assets to Your Mobile Game
This talk covers optimal methods for delivering assets to your users. Learn about the different strategies, pitfalls and best practices of mobile game asset delivery, covering topics such as over-the-air limits, updating your game’s data, asset caching, expansion files and user experience.
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